Do you recall when you were checked-in?
Enter the room number you have stayed in.
Your overall experience with our "FRONT DESK"
Was the reception friendly and polite with you?
How was the speed of your check-in process?
Was the receptionist responsive to you requests?
Absence of any disturbing noise, odor, or other issues.
Your overall experience with "ROOM SERVICE"
Comfort of bed/white goods/blanket/towel
Cleanliness of beds/white goods/blanket/towel
Heating/cooling system
How was the Conditions of toilets/bathrooms/hot water/shower
How do you rate your floor "housekeeping, maid"?
How do you rate "Uniformed services, bellboys..."?
In case you have used guest computer, how good was it?
If you have hired taxi from us, how they behaved?
Your overall experience with "BREAKFAST"
Menu variety of breakfast table
How was the quality of food & beverages?
How was the quality and promptness of services?
Your overall experience with "RESTAURANT"
The menu has a good variety of items
Quality of food & beverages
How would you rate the taste & flavor of your meal?
The food served was fresh and hot?
My food order was correct and complete
The server was attentive, and knowledgeable
How would you rate our staff´s hospitality, politeness and patience?
How was quality and promptness of services
Restaurant's Decor and cleanliness
Value of price paid
Absence of any disturbing noise, odor, or other issues
Will you recommend us to a friend?
How often do you dine with us?
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